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And you'll find me over at the Superhero Costuming Forum doing more detailed deconstruction and reconstruction on a lot of this stuff!

Barbarella V2.0

Back in 2005 I got it in my head that Barbarella would be fun to do.  With the help of 3 FABULOUS friends, we crafted the classic space queen with jump rings, plastic plates, paint, and some sale velour

I've learned a lot since then (thank gods!) and decided to dust the old girl off for this weekend's burlesque show, since the theme is Sci-Fi & Fantasy (yes, we'll have a stripping Slave Leia and dueling elves from World of Warcraft!).   But there was tweaking to be done!

Heat had warped the plastic scales a bit, so I'm working through them with a hairdryer, and most are coming back to normal.  A lot of rings has slipped as well, as hanging this thing is a trick an a half, so there was one evening dedicated to just doing repairs.  I've also gained a few inches around the hips Thumbsdown so I added some chains on either side to open it up a bit for adjusting.

I wanted desperately to redo the suit since it's awfully lime colored, but I wasn't able to find the fabric I wanted in time, so I went with a darker hunter green stretch velvet to work with the colors that were already there (though I did find the perfect olive colored fabric not 2 weeks later, but I'll wait to see how I feel about this after the weekend).  I went ahead and redid the boots as well, because I've gotten much better at boot covers.  There are a basic pair of Please Funtasma boots that I use for Star Sapphire, with a slip on cuff modeled after the cuffs I made for Sensor Girl.You can see the difference in the colors, too.

And I upgraded the jewelry a little, too.  The bracelet was one of my first Wonderflex attempts, and I didn't really fill it at all, so you could totally see the grid pattern.  I didn't want to re-cut it from scratch, but I was at a loss as to something flexible that would work to cover the grids, as it slips on over my hand.  My fit of brilliance at 2am?  Liquid electrical tape.  It was a bit chunky because of the brush, but it painted like a breeze with basic craft paint, and the grid has pretty much disappeared, but it's still flexible to get on. I also made a pair of gold chain earrings to go with everything...I needed some extra bling!

The wig is the same one, and I've sharpie/alcohol dyed it a bit redder, though it seems to be a shade too strawberry-koolaid right now, so there may be another rinse to put it through.



So....is anyone else I know doing the Dawn contest at DragonCon this year? 
Or am I by my lonesome for it?

Because a couple of other options have presented themselves, and as much as I love JML and the crew, my dress is going to be showing up REALLY close to the end of the month, and in fact may not even make it in time, and it's really sort of a easy thing I'm doing -- I haven't invested a lot of time or money in it yet.  And I mostly do the contest because holy CRAP it's the only time I can sit some of you down for uninterrupted conversation at DragonCon...

Dream Queen (2009)

Dream Queen, Alpha Flight villain, debuted DragonCon 2009

Oh wow, me and my big mouth!  When I heard there was going to be an Alpha Flight group at DragonCon, I immediately volunteered to play a villain.  Dream Queen was really more for the challeneg than anything...and boy, was it!

The headdress was made of sculpy, hollow plastic halloween horns, and two wigs hacked apart and sewn together.  The suit is a red zentai suit from eBay, modified.  The boots were  a find on eBay that I modified and painted to match the wig.  The cape is shredded glittery stretch  cotton. 

There is a LOT of fashion tape going on here, and the white body make-up alone took over an hour.  The headpiece wasn't as heave as it looked, but I was awfully careful to keep my head straight, and I had to crab walk through a couple of thehotel tunnels, as I was so tall.

I was happy that several people recognized me without the rest of the team present (which was nice considering she was pretty much a 4-issue run).  And the Alpha Flight group in general was just AMAZING (even George Perez horned in on the action).

Looker (2009)

Looker, from Batman & the Outsiders, debuted DragonCon 2009

Ah, Looker.  The silliest costume in the DC universe.  I've been threatening to do it for years, and finally I sucked it up and did it.

Two zentai suits (one pink and one black) were sacrificed for this.  The rest was white and blue vinyl, a spray painted chain, and a pair of boota.  The wig was found on eBay, and let's hear it for dancer tights.

For the most part, this is a pretty obscure character, so I didn't expect to have anyone recognize it.  I did it for both the challenge and the DC photoshoot at DragonCon that Sunday.

Hela (2009)

Hela, the Norse goddess of death in the world of Thor, debuted at DragonCon 2009

Norse goddess of death?  Yes, please!   I've wanted to do this outfit for a few years, but  had opted for another Asgardian goddess, Enchantress instead until I had a handle on it.  Hela's headdress was obviously going to be the biggest challenge but (with input from some fabulously talented people) once I had it worked out, it actually came together pretty easily.

The suit was bought on eBay and modified accordingly.  The design is painted on with metallic craftpaint (which actually adhered better than fabric paint)  The cloak consists of a wonderflex collar (braced with dowels) with georgette panels.  The headpiece looks heavy but it was made of foamcore on flush mount hangers on the back of the hood.  The pieces actually hinged shut for travel.

While the suit itself wasn't uncormfortable, I had no periferal vision whatsoever, and walking anywhere meant having a spotter, as I was about 5 feet wide.  So I pretty much stayed in one place and people came to me.  I was overwhelmed at the response Hela got and wasvery glad I was finally able to do her justice.

Dazzler - Blue (2009)

Debuted DragonCon 2009

A long time fan of the Dazzler, and having already knocked out the silver disco suit a few years ago, I felt that I really HAD to do what I affectionately call the Blue Ninja suit. 

I bought a zentai suit on eBay and modified it.  The shoe bases are from an old pair of stacks I had.  I used scrap red and yellow vinyl for the trim and starbursts.  The reflective tape was a real coup and totally worked like I hoped it would.  The wig was also picked up on eBay.

And yeah, I am stuffed all to hell to get that bosom :)

All in all, this was pretty easy to pull together, and comfortable to wear, and I was thrilled to bring this version of one of my favorite superheroes to life.

Dawn Filter

Okay, kids, let me know if you want on or off the Dawn filter for this year!


For the record, I have done fuck-all about DragonCon.

I have one costume done from last year, one costume in partials, nothing done on Dawn, and no idea if I'm spinning or not.

I have 3 commissions i need to get started on, but my personal motivation level is zilch.

I also in no way shape or form have the body to be getting into ANY costumes whatsoever.

So in other words, you all suck  **pppttthhhppptttt**

Dawn Filter

OK, a couple of people have requested to be off any Dawn discussion -- one because they want to be surprised, and the other because, well, she's last year's winner and a judge for this year (which I totally spaced).  And these are both totally cool things.

So I've created a Dawn filter.  If you do NOT want to see any of the Dawn stuff, say so now, and I'll make sure I keep it on the hush-hush, and all sneaky like.   :) 

In fact, if you want off the costuming journal for the above reasons or your own reason, now's a great time to do it, before I start babbling hardcore.  No hard feelings at all :)